Armitaj Group

It is the intelligent elevator of your dreams. You can feel the pride even in front of your European friends. Laminate full glass cars, LCDs Capable of showing films, using the best and the most beautiful steels of the world and in addition to it’s cutting edge technology of this elevator will guide you to the next generation.


Salamat Clinic

Economical, full Automatic car which is built from the best steels & the most beautiful MDFs, the best driving European system, is your beautiful elegant elevator. You’ll find B Class Better than most of the elevators you have ever seen. One of the other secrets of our success is we use the best elevator parts which complies with highest elevator standards.


Aghaghia Building

Superior elevator of your city.
By choosing professor you’ll have the best of your city . The bolt & nut made car of this class elevators which is made from the best and the most beautiful steels is the only metal skeleton that is built with the best electronics & mechanical parts with their interior push buttons equipped with touch & colorful LCDs will make you happy.


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